Best occasions to give gifts

When it comes to the practice of gift-giving in any context the occasion also impacts your choice of gift. Similarly, with corporate gifts, certain special occasions are an ideal time to indulge your employees or show your appreciation towards your clients. Of course, you don’t always need an occasion to be generous and show your employees and clients that the relationship you share with them is greatly valued. However, there are also certain top occasions for which gift-giving is mandatory. 

Welcome gift

This applies to when you are on boarding a new client. The nature and cost of corporate gifts should be according to the client’s importance concerning your business. This is a great way of setting the tone for a long-lasting relationship. 

Client’s anniversary

The psychology behind giving corporate gifts is all about making the receiver feel important, special, and valued. So, remembering a client’s anniversary and putting a bit of thought into the gift you’re giving will make them feel special and your business relationship valued.


An employee receiving a promotion means that his or her performance has positively influenced your business. This makes it an ideal time for giving corporategifts. The gift should be something that appreciates the great effort put in by them and motivates them to perform even better in the future.


It goes without saying that an employee who is retiring has tirelessly worked for your company for years and sometimes even decades. This makes it necessary to bid farewell to the person and mark the occasion with well thought out corporate gifts.

Retaining a client

If you’re looking to build lasting bonds and relationships and ensure that a certain client keeps coming back to you, gift-giving can go a long way. Something like a personalized gift basket will ensure that you are right on top of their minds when they are looking to get business done.

Celebrating employees

The monthly or yearly practice of an employee appreciation routine can really motivate your employees to compete and give their best. Giving away corporate gifts during such occasions will make them feel valued and special.

Saying thank you

Regardless of the situation, this applies to clients, employees, and even coworkers. 

While doing business it is very important to say thank you if someone has done something for you that is worthy of being appreciated. In such a situation corporate gifts are a great way of appreciating the person’s contribution to your business